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First Aid and Surveillance Service on ski slopes


First Aid on the slopes

Alpine Troops Command and State Forestry Corps (CFS) train and select personnel appointee to work in many ski areas.

Qualified personnel is selected during a specific and technical two weeks course named BLS (Basic Life Support).

This activity is part of several initiatives undertaken by the State Forestry Corps and the Alpine Troops Command to promote a safer mountain.


Surveillance Service on the ski slopes by State Forestry Corps

The new Law no.363 (24 December 2003 ) containing the rules for safety in winter sports (alpine and nordic skiing) assigned to State Forestry Corps, as a new institutional role to play along with other police forces and in carrying out surveillance and rescue services in the ski resort, , for the strict observance of the terms and provisions contained herein and to impose the sanctions against defaulting parties.
  Intervento del soccorso piste

The activity performed by the State Forestry Corps personnel in the ski slope resue service, guarantees safety in the ski areas on the ski slopes, acting as an authority of public security and judicial police.

Where skiing accident occur, the State Forestry Corps personnel is obliged to act according to its qualified skills specified in the article 1 of T.U.L.P.S. as civil defence organization.

  operazione di soccorso in pista  

Nowadays we register an increasing presence of tourists in the ski and mountain resorts during the winter season. The development of tourism and recreational activities in a territory that, in the past, was an exclusive destination of few, belonging to a certain social and cultural level, nowadays is available to everyone.

This changes resulted in a negative human impact on the mountain ecosystem in all its components: natural, social or cultural, creating problems formerly typical of the industrial and metropolitan areas.


Unavoidable consequences: direct or indirect damage to the environment, generation of conflicts and disputes, increase in number of accidents, a new approach to explo the mountain instead of living, knowing and respecting it.

Control and supervision, public order, public safety, rescue, public awareness and education are guaranteed with professionalism and consistency in a geographical and seasonal area that always belonged to the State Forestry Corps for its tradition and vocation.

  rilevamento di dati meteorologici