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The Land registry and avalanche mapping


The Meteomont Service since its establishment, has collected data on documented or chronicled avalanches occurred on Alps and Apennines.

State Forestry Avalanche Warning Service was established in 1957 for statistic purposes and International studies, to collect territorial data requested by FAO-FAO Forestry Division and the Federal Swiss Institute for snow and avalanche researches of Davos.

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During all these years it allowed the establishment of a Land Registry of avalanches which will be digitized soon on a Geographic Information System (GIS Technology) for a more accurate observation of these phenomena.

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Alpine avalanches mapping issued by by Alpine Troops Command since the early 70s , and implemented for the Apennines by the State Forestry Corps, is a cartographic document of historical and statistical importance where documented events are listed and described, distinguished on the basis of their regular or recurring /exceptional frequency.