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Current snowfall

Current snowfall of the day 19/05/2019

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Region Province Town Hour Heights amsl Weather condition Fresh Snow in cm Road condition Snow depth in cm Pictures
piemonte cuneo Garessio 18:05 1.867 Nessuno dei fenomeni 0 Buona 0
piemonte cuneo Garessio 17:30 1.646 Pioggia debole intermittente 0 Buona 0
piemonte cuneo Limone piemonte 16:29 1.871 Pioggia debole continua 0 Buona 0
piemonte torino Giaveno 11:33 549 Pioggia moderata 0 Buona 0
veneto vicenza Asiago 10:44 1.753 Nessuno dei fenomeni 0 Buona 0
piemonte torino Moncenisio 10:34 1.765 Nebbia con cielo invisibile 0 Buona 0
trentino alto adige trento Moena 10:26 1.969 Nevicata debole intermittente 10 Buona 30
piemonte verbano-cusio-ossola Stresa 10:19 1.469 Pioggia debole continua 0 Buona 0
veneto belluno Auronzo di cadore 09:59 1.818 Pioggia moderata 0 Buona 0
piemonte cuneo Marmora 09:35 1.814 Pioggia debole continua 3 Lievi difficoltà 3
piemonte torino Valgioie 08:49 1.038 Pioggia moderata 0 Buona 0
veneto belluno Sovramonte 08:19 1.074 Pioggia debole continua 0 Buona 0
  Carabinieri, collaborate with the National Civil Protection Service (DPC), in support of monitoring, forecasting and snow risk prevention activities performed by the Protection Service, Regional Centers and Italian Air Force Meteorological Service, related to public security on road conditions including highway and railway. It carries out a continuous monitoring activity about the current snowfalls named "NeveMont" all over the country.

The monitoring activity is carried out by the Carabinieri personnel of the local stations whose jurisdiction is involved in warning snow forecast collecting data like weather conditions, snow depth, road conditions and expected solutions for every singular emergencies.

Personnel on duty, wherever he/she may be at any moment, as soon as he/she receives from the Meteomont coordination center in Rome the text message of the snow alert and activation of the protocol , proceeds to the expected survey (repeated every 2/3 hours during the 24 hours and sent by SMS) with the aid of a palmtop and a software expressively designed.

Data are immediately transmitted to the Data Processing Centre of SIM-SIAN that provides to inform the personnel involved in Protection Service, public and road safety, and regional and local weather forecast.

Data and reports from Carabinieri patrols at low and medium altitude during the current snowfalls, complete the Meteomont monitoring network located at high altitude, so that the available data on snow and avalanches and the detetction network are broad and homogeneous all over Italy and available for all users.